Unsure of your size? It’s always good to be confident of your fit before placing your order. Here’s our handy guide to help you measure your feet and ensure you get the best size for you.

You can do this in four simple steps.

1. Print off our handy guide.
2. Measure the length of your feet.
3. Measure the width of your feet.
4. Check these against our fitting tables.

Helpful tips!

For the best results wear socks or hosiery you would wear for the style you need. If possible, getting a friend to help will also provide more accurate results.

Download Fitting Guide



Once printed, remember to check the guide is accurate. Your printer needs to be set to ‘actual size’ not ‘fit’ or ‘custom’ which will distort the measurements. When satisfied this is correct you can then fold or cut along the dotted line across the bottom of the page.



Place the paper against a skirting board or wall and place your heel to the folded edge. It will help here if a friend can check the measurement while you are standing straight. Check where your longest toe reaches and make a note to the nearest size. Repeat for your other foot noting both numbers.



Our shoes come in different width fittings. To work out which fit you need place a soft tape measure around the widest part of your foot (see picture). Repeat this for your other foot noting both numbers.



First check the length of your feet against the first column. For instance 237 would be a UK5. From that point move across until you find the nearest width just greater than yours. For instance 238 would be a ‘E’ width of 239mm on the table.

In this example the fit required would be UK5 with an ‘E’ width.

Length D E EE EEE
UK Size Euro Size Average Average Average Average Average
2 35 212 214 220 226 232
3 36 220 221 227 233 239
3.5 36.5 225 224 230 236 242
4 37 229 227 233 239 245
4.5 37.5 233 230 236 242 248
5 38 237 233 239 245 251
5.5 38.5 241 236 242 248 254
6 39 245 239 245 251 257
6.5 40 250 243 249 255 261
7 41 254 246 252 258 264
7.5 41.5 258 249 255 261 267
8 42 262 252 258 264 270
9 42.5 271 258 264 270 276


Now you have your measurements you can order in confidence!

Remember that we also offer free returns via your local post office so if you’re not entirely happy you can send them back free of charge for a full refund. All we ask is that they are unworn, in their original packaging and returned within 30 days. Returns within 7 days will also have the delivery charge reimbursed.