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Hollie Burgess is a trail blazing blogger dedicated to promoting all things related to plus size fashion. Starting in 2013 she became a mum of 2 boys and focused her work on family life. In 2019 she decided on a new platform dedicated to her style picks and was born.

A fan of Van Dal we caught up with her after reviewing our wide fitting Detroit Trainers.

Read on to find out how to enter our competiton for the chance to Win £100 to spend with us too! *Competiton now closed*

"I've always been a shoe hoarder. I feel like shoes can make or break an outfit. I read once that the security guards in places such as Harrods don’t care about what you’re wearing clothes-wise, it’s all down to the shoes. (I don’t know if that’s true but it’s ingrained in my mind!) This is all well and good, and when I was a teen I probably would have worn anything as long as it looked good. No pain no gain. Too small? Too narrow? Blisters… and aching feet…. Yep. I was a nightmare. But now I’m smarter. I’m all about comfort… as long as it has style! This is where Van Dal come in!


I’ve mentioned Van Dal before in a previous outfit post, but this time I wanted to give them something a little more special and focused on them because they really do deserve it. Where’s my wide fit babes at? YES! This one’s for you. Van Dal has wide fit shoes – up to an EEE fit. But what’s great about Van Dal is that they have SUPER special footbeds that offer additional arch support, flexible targeted cushioning and an amazing fit. But if you have flat feet (also like me!) you can take them out when you want to. HOW AMAZING IS THAT? I feel like Van Dal has thought about the people wearing their shoes and how to make them feel more comfortable, instead of the customer trying to make the shoes more comfortable. I love it when companies care! Don’t you? Let me guess what you’re thinking. Comfortable means… ugly shoes. Let’s just say it how it is. Usually wide fit or arch support shoes are just ugly. Well, Van Dal missed that memo and actually they’re shoes are really quite nice. They’re really classic pieces that you can pretty much wear forever because the quality is THAT good. As well as all that they’ve managed to hit some really great style points. Such as animal print sneakers and gold details on the boots.


Their Autumn and Winter range is spot on. I love these conker coloured ‘Detroit’ wide fit trainers. They’re comfortable but so on trend with the snake print. The colour is perfect for autumn and they’re great with dresses or jeans. They’ll last ages too because they’re leather and will fit in your wardrobe all year round.

You want some for yourself now right?

Well, you can! I’ve teamed up with the lovely Van Dal team to offer you the chance to WIN £100 to spend on their website! How kind of them is that? All you have to do for a chance of winning is enter the Rafflecopter
If you don’t win, you can sign up to their newsletter which gives you 15% off your next purchase. So it’s still a win-win situation!" *competiton now closed*




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