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Ashley Cramp


There is a wonderful hashtag on instagram it is called Days of Small Moments. I believe the best days are the ones that are unplanned, lived slowly and appreciated 1 minute at a time. Small moments are the magical ones. I was lucky to spend a day like this with my teenage son recently. He very obligingly, took some photos, so I can share my comfy new shoes with you too…win win!

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Trying To Keep It Real!

To dress up simply to write a style post, feels inauthentic to me. These days I prefer to record what I am actually wearing on that particular day. The OOTD aka ‘outfit of the day posts’ on instagram make me feel uncomfortable. I feel as if everyone is trying to sell me things. How do you feel about it?


To dress up simply to write a style post, feels inauthentic to me, I prefer to record what I am actually wearing on the day.


An Unplanned Lunch.

So this post is merely about a very ordinary, normal day, nothing special happened, no big event occurred just a few of those small moments…

We were shopping for necessities in our local town and both of us were hungry. I suggested coffee and cake and we ended up with two huge sandwiches; a double BLT for him and an open crayfish with lime dressing for me. Yum and Yum! We chatted, we laughed, he took some photographs and the best thing? At 55 I know enough about life to simply appreciate a few small moments that added up to a good day!


New Shoes From Van Dal

Yes these are new shoes, but I am not trying to sell them to you. I am sharing how I wear them and hopefully give you some shoe inspiration too? As you know I am a jeans girl…

These new Bliss Loafers are a much appreciated gift from Van Dal Shoes. Leather, soft and very comfy with a small heel (I sometimes find ultra flat shoes make my legs ache?) Being a neutral colour (these are called Sesame) they will be worn with everything from jeans to dresses come spring. Do you like them?




A Life
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